Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About German Shepherd Dog Changed its Server

Howdy buddies??? How's it going? Here is an announcement about my website www.aboutgermanshepherddog.com.

I have been awfully busy in resolving certain very serious problems related to my website About German Shepherd Dog. I have a dream with this website and that is too make it one of the world's largest online GSD resources. With this in mind I created this website that is run by a team of genuine GSD people, including vets, trainers, highly experienced owners, GSD breeders and pet writers and editors. I have been working too hard and have been researching more on the breed with my team so that I (We) can share our knowledge, discoveries & findings and news regarding the breed.

I hosted this site with a hosting company (Featured Host - a fake branch of Websys) in India, after purchasing the domain through this company owner (Arindra) from Hostgator. After running this site for over a year or so, I was surprisingly shocked to discover that About German Shepherd Dog has been allotted a hosting space that is way less than what this man was being paid for.

Jeff - my friend - one of my team members (a GSD enthusiast and researcher for around 15 years now and a pet writer, who writes about the breed) had repeatedly asked me in the past two general meetings to get the domain control from that man - the owner of the hosting company. I asked for it, but he denied to give me that. He refused to increase the hosting space, and told me that the money which he was being paid was agreed upon at the beginning verbally. I realized that he was a fraud.

My site was attacked by dangerous malware that was in his server, and was off for around a month - flashing out a message that "Your Account Has Been Suspended". During the renewal of the domain (in the year 2010) I had paid him in advanced, yet he did not renewed it on time and the site went off again for around a month. All these made us gripped into pronged pressure, because About German Shepherd Dog had already marked its name across the web. I found no other alternative, but to drop down to the court of law. I told him what was I going to do if he refused to provide with desirable services, and the next morning I found 65 most important pages were missing leaving behind only as few as 42 pages. He could track my admin details from cpanel.

Finally, I took serious measures and have saved About German Shepherd Dog. We have changed our host and transferred the domain. Even after going through a series of such awful phase, About German Shepherd Dog is still on the first page on Google for the major keywords. Its a re-birth for the site. Everybody in the About German Shepherd dog team can now enjoy a peaceful sleeps in nights.

Beware of fake companies like these!

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