Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Basic Principles of Dog Bark Collar Training

Dog bark collar has created a good buzz in the market and is used by many professional trainers who train their dog to bark or stop barking on command. The device works in a very simple principle where a Sound Impact Sensor detects sound vibration as the dog start barking and generates a ultrasonic sound as the mode of correcting the undesirable barking. As soon as the dog perceives the ultrasonic sound from the collar worn around his neck, he stops barking and this is what the trainer encashes while training the dog not to bark or only to bark on command.

Dog bark collar training is based on 3 basic principles:
First - Determining the reason(s) of barking is the most important phase of bark collar training... This helps the trainer address the root cause of the problem.
Second - Deterring nuisance barking... In this phase the trainer uses the bark collar. The device helps in making barking a bitter experience for the dog because it generates the ultrasonic sound which is unpleasant for the dog. By this, the barking itself becomes unpleasant for the dog. Plus the trainer doesn't reward the dog for barking.
Third - The dog gets rewarded for stop barking. when the dog stops barking the trainer praises him and reward him with his tidbits, which encourages the dog not to bark.

Technology based dog training methods have never been so easy until such devices was invented. You can find more information on dog bark collar here:

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