Sunday, June 24, 2012

Does Your German Shepherd has Eye Problems?

Although flat headed breeds that have protruding eyes are more prone to eye discharge problems, yet many German Shepherds have this common problem. Part from discharged eyes, German Shepherds, alike any other breed can have eye problems. Eye problems in GSDs are often time noticed in old dogs. Some of the very common symptoms of eye problems in your GSD are however:

  • Epiphora - excessive tearing
  • Sticky and tenacious discharge - dry eye
  • Thin discharge, but continuous
  • Red eye
  • cloudy eyes
There are certain behavior or activities that indicates that your German Shepherd is having eye problems. Some of these are:
  • Intolerant to light
  • Rubbing face on the floor or wall
  • Rubbing eyes with his front legs

Prevention is always better than cure! Diet, here, comes to play a vital role as a preventive measure. There are however, certain genetic disorders for instance, "pannus cataract", medically termed as "Chronic Superficial Keratitis", is an ophthalmic problem mostly noticed in German Shepherd Dog, but also found in other breeds like Rottweilers etc. Diet, doesn't help much once the disease grows matured. However, proper diet with good eye nutrient from the early age can be precautionary measure.

Your dog's diet must include components rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, vitamin D, bioflavonoids, cysteine, lecithin and zinc. Studies have shown that wheat sprout powder s one of the richest sources of high level of organic phosphates and very strong blend of antioxidant molecules, which reduces the chance of developing cataract in dogs. Your German Shepherd is a dog and not a carnivorous animal. Remember, he is omnivorous, and hence do not feed him only meat. Green is highly recommended. Green leafy vegetables, cabbage leaves, parsley, spinach, carrot and green papayas are great components of a dog's diet. Fruits like ripen papaya, and mango are excellent sources of Bioflavonoids, which is very important for your GSD's eye health. Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are wise additions to his diet. Eggs are powerful source of some of the major eye nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin B12, vitamin D, cysteine, lecithin and zinc. An adult German Shepherd that has normal digestive system can be given two eggs in each major meal.


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