Monday, August 6, 2007

REX : The Emperor


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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Passion Of German Shepherd Dogs


fter gathering years of experience by rearing, and staying in close relation with dogs of various breeds since childhood, and keeping close association with dog-lovers, not only in India but also outside the nation, I have taken a few steps to organize the ARINGSBURG KENNEL. Being an admirer of the German Shepherd Dogs (Alsatians), I was determined to present the breed within an affordable range, maintaining the high quality. It is a real pleasure to own a well-bred GSD, and rearing and training it is undoubtedly an unforgettable episode.

With an understanding of the fact, that a proud GSD owner is someone, who adores the company of a well-bred GSD, ARINGSBURG KENNEL has taken a sequence of vital steps to bring forth the GSDs with good pedigree. With a vision to protect the quality of the breed and to restore the breed’s basic inherent instincts, we have taken steps to synchronize, the quality range of well-bred GSDs in various combinations. These dogs have proved, and have been proving themselves in the various esteemed field-trials. By this, we guarantee to bring forth the dogs with those essential traits in them, which make them more useful and reliable, to the owner. It is beyond all controversies, that a well-bred GSD will bear all the desirable characteristics – both structural and psychological. They are bound to be an outstanding, the most reliable and protective companion to their owners.

Above all, I owe millions of thanks to my family members, who are avid dog lovers, for their stretched out helping hands towards me. My cordial thanks are due to my friends who have always encouraged me and have taken the responsibilities of certain aspects – offloading much of my stress. Let me thank Mrs. Ewa Nowak, an experienced GSD fancier and researcher from Poland, who has been helping me unconditionally by imparting the technical know-how regarding the breed. I also owe very special thanks to Mr. John Clifton of United Kingdom and Dr. M.M Kumar of India who have eagerly listened, with enough patience, to my trials and tribulations for hours and have given me sufficient support in this regard.

Mr. John Clifton, is an eminent GSD lover and has been studying on the breed for last few decades. He shares his experiences with me, which comes to a great help for me. ARINGSBURG KENNEL also takes immense pleasure for being fed with requisite knowledge and certain other aid by Mr. Clifton.

We provide puppies not only to be prepared for the show rings but also for preparing it to guard and home pets. Although at the moment, ARINGSBURG is carrying out the project solely on GSD, but high line dogs of other breeds can also be provided. Whatever the breed may be, ARINGSBURG will never compromise with the quality.

Owner and organizer
Mob : 9836606840
Res : 033 2686 3756


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