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Tid Bits of German Shepherd Dog Training Tips

I am not a professional dog trainer, nor a canine behaviorist. I am just a regular person like you guys, who love dogs - any breed, but especially GSD is what I have always dreamed of! Having stayed in close relation with this amazing breed, I got to know more about the breed. It's out of my undying hunger to know more about German Shepherd Dogs that I have mingled with professional dog trainers, German Shepherd breeders, and canine experts since when I started falling in love with shepherds. I have heard people saying that German Shepherds are one of the toughest breed, while many says that he's quite intelligent and easy to handle. Both these school of thoughts are correct! German Shepherd Dogs are really tough for novice dog owners, but can be the most loved companion for those who knows how to make the most of their intelligence. You should not even think of adopting a German Shepherd, if you don't have that urge to upgrade your knowledge every day. If you are a German Shepherd owner you should know tid bits of some German Shepherd Dog training tricks. Here are some German Shepherd Dog training tips - I better say 'tricks' that you may find really valuable.

#1 Never yell when you are training German Shepherd: Remember, punishing, scolding and yelling at your German Shepherd puppy will end up with making him even more harder to teach things. Scolding and yelling at him will make him lose his confidence on you. This in turn will make him more confused and chances are that punishing and shouting at them may backfire with this breed!

#2. German Shepherd Dog is the third most intelligent canine breed: They have special intellect that is much above most of the other dog breeds in the world. This helps them to grab new lessons faster. Use their own intelligence during the training session.

#3. German Shepherd Dogs have unique instincts: Read out the BASIC INSTINCTS OF GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. Remember, most successful trainers use the basic German Shepherd Dog instincts while training. The key to the success story is to master the art of using the dog's own instinct for training him.

#4. Don't confuse him with too many words: Use one symbol word - either "YES" or "GOOD" for all his desirable actions and "NO" or "BAD" for all undesirable actions. Don't forget to reward him with pat or a treat for any desirable action without a symbol word.

#5. 4 training sessions per day: Wondering? That's really possible! Well, you know that you need to start off with training your dog at an age as early as 8 weeks. This is a stage when you need to feed him at least four times a day and teaching by treating is an excellent way to train your German Shepherd Puppy. So you will have four opportunities a day to teach him newer lessons or make him practice pre-taught lessons. More the practices the better.

instincts of german shepherd dog training tips on training German Shepherd most intelligent canine breed technique for training dogs tips on German Shepherd Training German Shepherd Dog instinctsThere is actually no thumb rule technique for training dogs. A specific technique that works like gangbusters with your Rover may turn out to be a flop with my Rex. Just one method that works well with all the German Shepherd Dogs in the world is to avoid harsh methods. All you need is to think of a way that suits the best with the personality of your dog. There's nothing wrong in treating him for each of his desirable actions. Let me be very candid, I've always expected a cup of coffee after the successful accomplishment of each assignment in my work place. If you are serious about it, I am sure you'll find training your German Shepherd puppy really addictive and fun. But be careful... with wrong techniques you can unknowingly spoil your child. This is where a professional dog trainer finds his real worth. So there's no way you can deny the value of a professional dog trainer, even though you are following the above tips on training German Shepherd Dogs.

Please check my friend Rachael's website on training dogs. Rachael is a Dog Trainer & Behaviourist - Canine Ambitions.

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Anonymous ,  March 25, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

Great to see other GSD sites out there! Keep up the good work!

Pruett and Daphne

Anonymous ,  July 7, 2010 at 8:19 PM  

Nice Belgian Malinois puppies.

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