Thursday, May 25, 2017

GSD Looses Popularity as Working Dog

The iconic breed German Shepherd gained an unswerving popularity (especially as one of the most perfect working breed) across the globe especially after the World Wars. Max Von Stephanitz (the father of GSD breed) had high hopes and big dreams with his breed, the World Wars had cast a deep impact on the GSD popularity world wide. Germany was a single country, as we all know, before the beginning of the Cold War. Here's the history in a nut shell of what made the popularity of GSD as a working dog aggressively decline.

Both World Wars I and II had imparted exceptional impact to the working breeds and German Shepherd Dog played the leading part in the world of working dogs. During the World War II, the 4 countries Great Britain, the USA, the UK and the Soviet Union joined hands to occupy the city of Berlin. Berlin was conquered by these four super powers and was split into 4 parts, but it finally bred fresh disputes across the borders. Cold War was written on the card and Germany was divided into two separate countries West Germany and East Germany (Deutsches Demokratische Republik the DDR). Rules of communism had always been worst of its kind in all parts of the world. Communist government used practice strong dominance over the common mass and people could make free trade and share things freely with with the world outside their community. The GSD breeders of East Germany (Deutsches Demokratische Republik the DDR) that is widely known as DDR Line GSD, was victimized by the insane whims of the communist dominance. The DDRL GSD is still considered to have the best working abilities. The DDR Line German Shepherd breeders were compelled to keep their inspirational breeding program within their boundaries, separated from the foreign influence. Gradually a steep decline in the popularity of the GSD as working breed was experienced, as the bloodline was not allowed to be spread out globally. The West German Blood Line is more of show dogs than hardcore working specimens.

Another most significant factor responsible for the popularity of working GSD has been bad breeding. Bad breeding here refers to unscientific breeding, without properly understanding the breed from its within. Breeders have been noticed to be more inclined towards earning money buy breeding show dogs, which are way different from the specimens that are scientifically bred for working. Many novice, yet ardent lovers of this magnificent breed (including me and many I know of) have always ended up with getting in touch with breeders who breeds dogs with head turner beauty, angulated structure, expressive rich tan markings, BUT i no way these dogs can be compared with an original working specimens. We have forgotten that the German Shepherd Dog was bred for working and not exhibiting. Show enthusiasts are found arguing with that shows are for filtering the bad from the breedable stock, and breedable stock comprises dogs that have perfect body structure, angulations, gait, propulsion, size and colors that are looked for in a working GSD. I have agree! I don't deny this fact, but simultaneously I cannot find close resemblance between a real working GSD and those that comprise the breedable stock.

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