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Does Your German Shepherd Dog Eat Grass?

Does your German Shepherd Dog eat grass?

Grass Eating Habit in German Shepherds

If your German Shepherd Dog is eating grass, he is certainly not the only dog on the Earth that exhibits such strange behavior. There are many schools of thoughts and theories as to why a German Shepherd Dog eat grass, but there’s no proven and confirmed conclusion as to why they eat grass. Dogs, irrespective of breed, gender and age eat grass at some point of time.

Veterinary researchers have been pounding on the mystery of dogs eating grass. Dr. Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD, has studying on animal behavior for over 50 years and according to him one of the questions he is hit with most frequently from dog owners is: “Why does my dog eat grass?” Researchers have carried out study on the dogs eating grass. A number of 49 dogs were exposed to vegetation and grassland. It was observed that around 39 out of 49 dogs had consumed plants at some point of time. It noticed that the grass was preferred more than other plants by most of the dogs. Now the question is: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

This behavior that is characterized by knowingly eating things by a species that are not their food is called “Pica”. If your German shepherd Dog or any other dog or mongrel is eating grass, this is a kind of pica, a behavior that is not necessarily fatal or harmful, as long as you garden is free from poisonous pants along with the grass that your dog can accidentally ingest.

There are different reasons but none of them have been scientifically proven and confirmed. Some the probable reasons that many canine experts have laid down are as follows:

Settling their stomach: Those there in the veterinary profession would clearly say that your GSD eats grass because he has a natural instinct to use grass as a medicinal herb, whenever they feel irritation or ache inside their stomach. According to some people (especially those directly or indirectly related the veterinary profession) believe that dogs – irrespective of breed – eat grass and then vomit in order to settle their stomach.

Controversy: Many dogs, most of the times, do not vomit after eating grass. This goes a long way to prove that grass is not used by the dogs to vomit in order to settle their stomach. Moreover, in a survey it has been noticed that grass eating and vomit do not always go together… nor grass eating and illness are always associated. In the study of clients and veterinary students it was observed that 18% of the clients’ dogs that ate grass vomited after eating. On the other hand, 9% of the dogs owned by the veterinary-students showed some symptoms of illness before eating grass.

Nutritional deficiency: Some experts consider that dogs eat grass because of nutritional deficiency in their regular diet. Since dogs are not purely carnivorous they needs plant fibers as a part of their diet. Some dogs eat grass probably because their food doesn’t meet their requirement of veg nutrition which they try to compensate by eating grass.

Controversy: Many dogs that are fed on purely non-commercial food, without any vegetables also eat grass. Home made food usually consist of meat, eggs, fruits, veggies etc. that are quite nutritious. Many dogs that are give enough of vegetables of different types also eat grass. Moreover, if it’s a question of nutritional benefits, there wouldn’t have any reason for some dogs to vomit after eating grass.

Natural instinct: Grass eating habit of dogs is a natural instinct. Their ancestors used to eat small amount of grass and plants nutrients as a part of their natural diet indirectly by eating the intestines of herbivorous prey for instance deer, goat, sheep etc. This is considered as the instinctual craving for the roughage or minerals or fiber present in the vegetation

They love to eat grass: Some canine experts conclude that dogs love to eat grass because they like the taste. Grass and plants or weeds contains a vegetable sap that is a sometimes tastes sweet. Your German Shepherds probably like eating grass because of the taste.

We do not have any solid explanation as to why dogs eat grass. There are different school of thought and theoretical statements and believes. Researchers have been burning their midnight oil to come up to a rock solid reason for dogs’ grass eating habits. Now the question is: Is there anything to be worried about? Dog’s grass eating habit doesn’t always cause for alarm. Dogs usually do not eat grass excessively. If you notice your GSD eating grass in excessive quantity you should consult your vet instantly. Grass eating by dogs is something not to be worried about as long as your lawn is not treated with poisonous substances like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical components.

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