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How to Train Your GSD 5 Basic Commands

One most real German Shepherd Dog description found by my very personal experiences is that, he is a dog with intense sense of bondage with his own ones. He is a dog that can be called “caninestein” instead of just “canine”. Yes, the degree of intelligence that he possesses, has made him the most talked about breed all over the world. I'm really a happy owner of German Shepherd Dogs, but I can't deny the fact that his intelligence level have fooled me a number of times. Often I've seen him capable of thinking too deeply; even logically of a number of ways to get whatever he wants or to attract my attention. If not trained properly, intelligence of German Shepherds can be nightmare for his owners. Certain funny behaviors that seem to be cute in your GSD puppy today, can throw your life out of gear tomorrow, when he would grow to be a mighty wolf! Here's the importance of proper training. Find a few tips on training GSDs. Read to train your GSD, training german shepherd dog, training german shepherd dogs, How to Train Your GSD 5 Basic Commands, german shepherd training, german shepherd basic training

Teach Basic Commands to your German Shepherd

If you're envying to see your friend's well mannered king-size Shepherd, its YOU who's responsible for such discontentment of yourself. It's just a magic of 5 most common words! A well-behaved German shepherd knows to follow the 5 most important basic commands: Come, Sit, Down, Stay and Heel. Teaching these 5 basic actions will make your German Shepherd your most loved companion. This basic training can make life easier for both you and your shepherd. Most importantly, you can keep him and yourself cool and safe in any situation.

Train Your German Shepherd to act on the command “Come”

  • Step 1- Start off indoor. One full proved technique is to show him a treat and call him by his name. Repeat calling him by the name until he looks up at you.
  • Step 2 - As soon as he looks up at you, just say “Come”, showing him his treat with your hand a bit extended towards him.
  • Step 3 - Continue calling him by his name with the command word “Come”, showing him the treat.
  • Step 4 - Repeat the exercise the same way for the next couple of days.
  • Step 5 - Take him out on the third day – preferably early in the morning and in a quite place. Repeat the exercise for the next couple of days.
  • Step 6 - Gradually increase the distance between you and your puppy and repeat the same exercise.
  • Step 7 – Now it's time to encourage him to come running when called by his name , showing the treats.
  • Step 8 – Once you know that he has learned to respond correctly on the command “Come”, seeing the treat, slowly teach him to come on command without treat. This can be done by not giving the treat every time he comes. Instead of the treat, praise him lavishly for every right action on right command.
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Train Your German Shepherd to act on the command “Sit”

  • Step 1- Start off outdoor. Choose a quite time (preferably early morning) and a quite place, where his concentration will not be broken by rushing vehicles and strolling guys. Begin with a little bit of strolling together so that he can enjoy being with you.
  • Step 2 - Make him stand right before you, so that you both stand face to face.
  • Step 3 - Hold a treat between your index finger and thumb. Hold it right over his nose and then move the treat straight back towards his croup slowly.
  • Step 4 - He should follow your finger and the treat. As you move your hand back towards his rear part, his rear part should move down to a sit; deliver the command “Sit”. If he doesn't, gently press his croup down in the process with the command “Sit”. As soon as he sits give him his treat.
  • Step 5 - If he doesn't sit even on pressing gently, don't treat him. Press the croup a bit harder and with love, deliver the command “Sit”.
  • Step 6 - The puppy will eventually sit, when the croup is pressed. As he tends to sit, deliver the command “Sit” and when he is completely seated say “Yes!” and treat him.
  • Step 7 – Once he completely learns to associate the command with the action, make him repeat the action on command over and over again followed by a brief walk each time.

Train Your German Shepherd to act on the command “Down”

  • Step 1 - Start off with your shepherd in sit position. Hold a treat between your index finger and thumb. Allow him to sniff it.
  • Step 2 - Move the treat down towards the floor.Gently slide the treat a bit away from his mouth. Don't allow him to get up to get it. If he does that, put him back to the sit position and repeat the exercise again.
  • Step 3 - As he prepares to lie down following the treat, give the command “Down”.
  • Step 4 - Once he lies down properly, pat him gently to make him feel that you are pleased with him; offer him his treat.
  • Step 5 - Repeat the exercise over and over again following a brief heel and then “Sit” exercise each time.
  • Step 6 - Once he completely learns to lie down on command after sit, start training him to go to the “Down Position” straight from the “Standing Position”.

Train Your German Shepherd to act on the command “ Stay”

  • Step 1 - Keep your dog in the “Down Position”, then step in front of him; place your palm on his head.
  • Step 2 - Keep an eye-to-eye contact, which is necessary and Deliver the command “Stay”, in a bit firm but calm voice.
  • Step 3 - Let stay motionless for a few seconds. Lean down and say “YES”.
  • Step 4 - Repeat it if he tries to move and raise up his head. Keep him motionless for another few seconds and say “YES”.
  • Step 5 - After few seconds release him from motionlessness by saying “OKAY”. Treat him on success.
  • Step 6 - Repeat the practice and gradually increase the time of STAY. Don't treat him until your desired time of Stay is successfully accomplished. Step 7 - Once he learns to be in “Stay Position”. Repeat the exercise with various time span in mix and match basis.

Train Your German Shepherd to act on the command “ Heel” (Heeling on leash)

  • Step 1 - Start off with the flat buckle collar – not choke/check chain. Put him on the collar and take him out.
  • Step 2 - He will try to pull. Check him tight to halt and wait a moment until he relaxes. Loosen up the leash a bit once he's calm. Once he comes to a halt and stops pulling, say “GOOD DOG” and treat him
  • Step 3 - Deliver the command “Let's Heel” and start heeling.
  • Step 4 - Repeat the exercise until he learns that pulling is not appreciated. Treat him only after a relaxed heeling.
  • Step 5 - Slowly he will learn not to pull. But he can continue to pull if sees any other dog, cat or a goat. In such a situation make him turn straight to other direction and continue heeling following the command “Let's Heel”. Treat him thereafter.

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