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White German Shepherd Dogs - Should Not be a Separate Dog Breed

White German Shepherd Dog Information

I have been receiving so many emails from my readers, looking for White German Shepherd dog information. Although I own the regular black-and-tan German Shepherds, and not the white one, yet I can share my little bit of knowledge on white German Shepherd Dogs that I have gathered by studying about them all these years.

Greif - the grandsire of the first registered Shepherd – Horand von Grafrath was a white dog. Hence the gene for the white coats has always been a part of the German Shepherd Dog breed since it’s very inception around 1898. Strong efforts had been made by Germany and other countries of the world to eliminate the white German Shepherds, but an increasing popularity have been noticed with passage of days. Around hundreds of whites German Shepherd Dogs are being registered in Canada, and thousands in the United States each year.

White German Shepherd Dog, White German Shepherd Dogs, White coated German Shepherd Dog, White GSDThe white color was made disqualification in GSD Breed Standard by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America sometimes around 1960s. Up until that time, the White German Shepherd Dogs were allowed to compete in conformation show rings. Since white GSD has been disqualified from the AKC and CKC show rings, most GSD breeders do not breed white dogs. Fortunately the White Shepherd clubs in North America has been pursuing the target of breed separation for the white GSD for years now, in the hopes of getting the proper recognitions that the beautiful White German Shepherds actually deserve.

Extensive studies have been carried out with the White GSD breed and has been finally determined that there exists a significant gene pool that make it a separate breed… naming it as White German Shepherd Dog!

  • 1999 – The UKC officially recognized White German Shepherd Dog as a separate breed from April 14, effective from May 1, 1999.
  • 2002 – The FCI officially recognized White German Shepherd Dog as a separate breed, naming it as "Berger Blanc Suisse".

White German Shepherd Dog, White German Shepherd Dogs, White coated German Shepherd Dog, White GSD
My view about White German Shepherd Dogs

My view is that, this is just a misconception that white coated German Shepherd Dog will be best treated by separating it as a distinctive breed altogether. Why should the beautiful White GSDs be outcast, just because of their natural white recessive gene? Just the white color of the coat (by natural recessive gene) cannot be the basis for breed separation. Good news is that the White German Shepherd Dog Club of America (WGSDCA) does not support breed separation.
Just like any other pure bred GSD, the white coated German Shepherd Dogs are quite a lot versatile and can be found working with police forces, in drug interdiction units, bomb detection squads, tracking, community activities, attack work, rescue departments, herding flocks, guiding the blind, assisting the handicapped, working as therapy dogs, guarding the home and what not???

Stay tuned… up next the White German Shepherd Dog FAQs!

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Charlotte April 26, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

I agree! This is the worst THING ever done for our beautiful breed!

Anonymous ,  June 21, 2010 at 12:26 AM  

I rescued a giant but beautiful dog from the street a month ago: Cream colored, stick-up ears, long fluffy tail, and the sweetest and most terrfifed animal I ever saw. I didn't realize until I bathed him and his wounds healed and he was able to return to normal dog behavior and someone pointed it out to me, that he was a white german shepherd. My God, what a horror....seperate them because of a recessive gene? Huh, typical.... my husband and I carry a recessive gene for green eyes though I am dark haired and brown eyed and he is brown eyed as well, but my daughters are porcelain skinned with light green-gray eyes; but despite the common knowldge even elementary schoolers recieve about the whole pea-plant experiement and geneaology, people always ask if I am their nanny! Ignorance is a disease.....

Anonymous ,  March 19, 2012 at 1:59 AM  

Hello Friends,

I share my life with a beautiful, three year old, white german shepherd and will be moving to Chennai, India. We are looking for a pure bread, white german shepherd to breed her with. If anyone in India has a contact for us please write beatitudes99 at hot mail dot com. We would love to hear from you. Thanks so much, Shawn and Luna.

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