Friday, March 18, 2011

Pituitary Dwarfism in German Shepherd Dogs

Pituitary dwarfism in German shepherd dogs is a rare kind of autosomal, recessive inherited disorder. This condition is irrepairable and is characterized by the lack of growth hormone, thyrotropin, prolactin, the gonadotropins and undeveloped pituitary gland. Although these hormones are not secreted properly, yet corticotropin secretion remains unaffected, which leads to dwarfism in GSD. Researches have been carried out throughout the world, on Pituitary Dwarfism in German Shepherds.

Studies have shown that mutation of a gene encoding a transcription factor which is responsible for precluding the expansion of pituitary stem cells after differentiation of corticotropic cells may be the probable cause of Pituitary dwarfism in German shepherd dog. Treating this condition is almost impossible, but identification of the specific mutation will help in a DNA test for potential breeding dogs. Selective breeding may erradicate the problem.

Pituitary dwarfism recessive inherited abnormality. Some of the highly scientific genealogical investigations have been carried out that indicated that the origin of the recessive gene is a mutation which had occurred at about 1940 or may be even before 1940s. Researches have indicated that many winning dog have been reciognised to be the carriers of this genetic condition.

The genetic defect causing congenital GH deficiency in German Shepherd Dogs may be the probable cause of Dwarfism in other breeds like Carelian Bear Dogs and Saarloos Wolfhounds. Well this may sound a bit unrealistic, but as a matter of fact the pituitary dwarfism in Carelian Bear Dogs and Saarloos Wolfhoundshad been recognized for the first time after the German shepherd dogs had been used in breeding the later breeds.

Selective bearding is recommended in order to steer clear of undesirable traits and genetic issues in the breed.

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