Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skin Problems in German Shepherd Dogs

What are the chief causes for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs?

Most German Shepherd Dog owners, both newbies and even some of the old owners, arise this question. What are the major causes for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs. Vets are oftens called for skin problems in German Shepherd Dogs and even re-occurrences of the skin problems in their GSD. German Shepherds are prone to skin problems more than some of the other dog breeds. So here's why?
  • First cause includes heavy infestation of internal and/or external parasites.
  • Second cause includes bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, causing severe hair fall and develop patches, redness, swelling and sores.
  • Third cause includes fly bites and gnats that eventually cause hot spots on your German Shepherd's skin.
  • Fourth cause includes extended time pass in water and/or in dirt
  • Fifth cause includes thyroid
  • Sixth cause includes allergies in certain foods, plants, grass or weeds
  • Seventh cause insufficient nutrition. Nutritional deficiency cause dry skin and dermal ailments such as eczema, dry hair etc.
  • Eighth cause Improper grooming, which is the most common cause of skin problems in most German Shepherd Dogs
  • Ninth... Yes, nervous problems caused by insufficient stimulation can also be responsible for skin problems in many dog breeds including German Shepherds
Alike improper grooming and insufficient nutrition, allergy is amongst the commonest causes of skin problems in GSD breed. Dust mites, dirt, grass or grass seeds, pollen, weeds, fleas and parasites are the common allergens, that make the skin red and inflamed, with fur coming out in lumps. Certain common foods known to have allergic reactions on dogs are beef, raw eggs, cheese, milk, corn, soy, uncooked meat, spices, etc. Turmeric is good for skin. Adding little amount of vegetable oils in the dogs food while cooking may be a good option to prevent dry skin in German shepherds and other breeds.

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