Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I liked in VA Bobo v. Arlett Ca

Let me introduce this beautiful German Shepherd. This is VA Bobo v Arlett CA German Sieger Show footage 2010.I thought you will love to check out Bobo's performance at the German Seiger Show in the year 2010.

So what's there in this dog that I liked? Let me start off with by saying, "Nobility of build guarantees the highest efficiency with the lowest consumption of energy." --Max von Stephanitz. Bobo's built proves his unparalleled working ability.

Stability and consistency: The delivery of stable and consistent rhythmic bark is the stimulant of his energy and power.  the consistency in the rhythm of the delivery of bark was great.

Ground coverage: This is worth mentioning. Bobo's trot shows maximum amount of ground coverage with optimum efficiency and minimum effort, which is only possible for a dog with sound anatomical structure and no balance problem. 

Stack: Nice stacking. Noticeably good structure. However this video has not shown free-stack. So I cannot comment on that.

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