Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is Feeding Raw Food to Your Dogs Safe? - FDA

Risk of feeding raw food to your dogs.

The U S Food and Drug Administration - FDA has circulated an article about the risk of feeding raw food to your dogs. The raw food for your dog is composed of primarily uncooked bones, meet and organ meet that can be responsible for serious food poisoning. Here is what FDA has to say about feeding raw food to dogs:

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Anonymous ,  August 14, 2014 at 1:36 AM  

Pretty much an article written for stupid people who don't know how to properly handle food. FDA isn't telling people to stop cooking their own raw meat. Once it is consumed by the dog it's fine, just clean up after just like it were a surfac raw meat was prepared on. Such a shame to discourage and scare people from a species appropriate diet.

As for the street dog comment -- no, there aren't studies in street dogs, but what about the thousands of dogs that thrive for years and over generations of raw feeders?? I know people who have raw fed their dogs for decades and the dogs live just as long if not longer than kibble counterparts and not only live, but thrive. Ugh, I could go on lol

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