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Is GSD The Right Breed For You?

Today's talk about German Shepherd Dog is not aimed at discouraging people about keeping this breed; rather a discussion that is focused on helping you to understand whether they are fit for this breed.

Intelligent, energetic and playful, the GSD breed is one of the most popular dog breed in the world. His origin basically demands it to work outdoor with his master. However, due to his gorgeous look and loyal nature he has found place in bungalows and even in small apartments, making him an great choice for many families. The German Shepherd Dog breed has been blessed with lots of reasons to be one of the most wonderful canines on this planet. However, certain factors have made these animals unsuitable for some people. German Shepherd Dog needs true and consistent commitments. This magnificent dogs demand a lot of time, engagement and space for good grooming. Their comparatively higher degree of intelligence can make it really challenging for novice owners to handle them. German Shepherds have been genetically engineered to be perfect working dogs, and if they are not made to engage in any job they can often times create work for themselves, which can be a real mess and a serious issue of concern for the owners. These dogs are not just for anyone who loves dog. GSD breed demands a constant attention, sound obedience training and right degree of mental and physical stimulation.

Here are a few reasons why GSD may NOT be suitable for you:

1) German Shepherds had been originally bred for working as a herding dog, which is why they have very high energy level with ready to work character trait. It is important that their energy needs to be burnt and to the correct extent. They need to be given proper trotting. Large area to run around is one of the major necessities.

2) German Shepherds shed profusely twice a year and over moderately all through the year. It is a necessity to brushing them almost daily. If you r any member of your family are allergic to fur, it is recommended not keeping a German Shepherd.

3) This breed is susceptible to many genetic disorders such as Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Panosteitis, Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), von Willebrands Disease, Bloat, Degenerative Myelopathy, Subaortic Stenosis, Enlarged Heart, Digestive Tract Disorder etc. Studying the blood line properly is of utmost significance. Although selective breeding has paved the way to eliminate some of these problems, backyard breeding by novice owners is still contributing to these issues in the breed. However, many other canine breeds especially the large ones are also prone to some of these conditions. Read out in-depth discussion on German Shepherd Dog health disorders.

4) German Shepherd is a large breed that requires a good amount of space. Space is one of the reasons that most GSD lovers usually the apartment dwellers have to de-list this breed from the list of the best dog breeds.

5) Grooming Especially bathing a double coated large dog like GSD is a real big challenge. Use a shampoo that is made for dogs; remember that the body pH of a dog is a lot different. It is important to properly rinse out the soap and shampoo and then and drying the coat. German Shepherd Dog usually does not require frequent bathing, provided he is kept on good food, regular brushing and in proper place. Regular (if possible daily) brushing keeps his coat free from tangles and mats.

6) Proper Socialization and obedience training It is mandatory that your German Shepherd should be put to proper obedience training session. Without a proper training keep a GSD can be harmful both for you and your dog. Socialization is another most important for any canine more so for large dogs like GSD. And unsocialized German Shepherds can turn out to be a real menace for you and your family.

German shepherd is a breed that demands additional commitment and care. These dogs require daily interaction, personalized attention, firm handling and correct training and socialization in order to have a well-adjusted, smooth life with you and your family.

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