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Klodo vom Boxberg - The "NEW" Type Seen in GSD Breed Development Program in North American Lines

Klodo von Boxburg. SCHH, Kkl 1; Born: 20. August 1921
Owing to the heavy popularity of the breed, the breeders started using their specimens for breeding to meet the demand for size. Oversized specimens could been seen quite often, by which Von Stephanitz became seriously alarmed seeing the rising trend of breeding for producing oversize specimen. The breeding programs were not supportive of producing right kind of temperament, and faults in dentition were also noticed which made Captain Stephanitz even more concerned.

Captain Stephanitz along with his fellow breed wardens took serious action, and at the 1925 Sieger show von Stephanitz selected Klodo von Boxberg as world sieger.  

About Klodo von Boxberg

Klodo von Boxberg was much different from the dogs that had become world seiger before him. He was not a big dog. A medium sized specimen, Klodo was of lower station, deeper and longer in body. He had a short loin and exhibited far-reaching gait. His typical non-exaggerated anatomical structure and marvelous gait made him stand out, and potentially symbolized a "NEW" typology of shepherd

1925 - Klodo was adopted by A. Gilbert of Maraldene Kennels in Hamden, Connecticut and was shipped to America. Henceforth Klodo had been intensively used by Maraldene Kennels in its breeding program and he produce several top class progenitors, thereby contributing to the North American lines.

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