Sunday, October 28, 2007

History Of German Shepherd Dogs -- Vol-II

Before you start reading this please check out my last post History Of German Shepherd Dogs -- Vol-I. This is a continuation of the first part.

Both the Thuringian and Wurttemburg sheep dogs were first exhibited in a show held at Hanover in the year 1882 – the year that marked the beginning of the evolution of a dog that was having a mind blowing ability to control herd of sheep. Drastic steps were taken to synchronize these varieties of typical sheep dogs in one single breed. Intelligence and Utility were the watch words for the breeding program. Selective breeding was one of the determining factors in the project. The Swedish sheep dogs were rejected at the very first sight, since they light built body, and lighter bones.

Those dogs were selected that had the typical shepherd qualities, such as expressive heads, moderately lighter weights, good bones and good gait. The dentitions were to be quite strong. The bites were to be quite resistant and such that it would redirect the sheep to the desired direction without damaging. Dogs with erect ears were chosen to get the sound and noise and especially the shepherds’ commands from distant more accurately.

This was how the selection was actually made for the perfectly selective breeding program.

Coming up next! More great facts on how we got such a beautiful creature. Stay tuned.

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