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Versatility Of German Shepherd Dogs

Well, we talked a lot about the origin and history of German Shepherd Dogs. Here's something very interesting about the breed. Why are German Shepherd Dogs the most versatile breed?

If you are really looking for a wonderful, smart , intelligent, protective, decent, courageous, self assertive, sturdy, powerful, royal, loyal and highly trainable working canine companion, German Shepherd Dogs are the right choice for you. The nature of a well bred Alsatian (German Shepherd Dog) is notably different from any other breed of dogs in the world. And it's because of this very different nature (not forgetting the gorgeous look) of the German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) that the breed rightfully deserves a soft corner in the hearts of zillions of dog lovers across the world.

GSD has earned massive popularity all around the world after the World War II as a perfect working dog breed. To be very candid, no other breed of dog in the world has successfully mastered such a huge range of skills like GSD. This breed is large and powerful enough to tackle a couple of men at a time, protective and courageous enough to protect his master and property and intelligent and responsible enough to to safely control a whole herd of sheep.

True that he cannot outrun a Greyhound, but again it's beyond all controversy that he can show a stand out Turn Of Pace. Moreover a well bred Alsatian can also maintain a steady canter for longer than most of the other breeds of dogs. Besides his awesome intelligence, a well bred Alsatian is an ideal working dog, which is why this breed has really marked a name of itself in varied fields across the globe. Whether as a shepherd dog or rescue dog or a police dog or a guide dog for blind or a guard dog or an attack dog or a war dog or a messenger dog or a sniffer dog or a movie actor, Alsatian dog breed has proved to be the best among all the other dogs in the world. Originally started his career as a shepherd dog breed, Alsatians have underwent a wide range of diversifications insofar the nature of their work is concerned. An incredible number of 48,000 Alsatians took an active role in the Germen regiment during the World War II. This breed has also earned a lot of fame as sentry dog and security dog during the war time and the post war period. The most interesting fact about the breed of German Shepherd Dog is that, this breed was the first canine breed to come in the movie screen. Rin Tin Tin (Rinty) the famous GSD was the world's first canine celebrity who appeared in over 40 hit movies. Within only two years since he started his career as an actor he had been earning 400 pounds per week during 1920s. He had his own car, chauffeur and own bank account.

To begin with Rinty developed a really impressive war record. Owned and trained by Corporal Lee Duncan, Rinty started off his career taking active part in World War I, carrying out important dispatches, sentry and other significant duties for Red Cross. He first appeared as an actor in a movie called "Where The North Begins", directed by Chester Franklin. It was in this film that Rinty set Warner Brothers back on its feet along with a financial set back. The popularity of Rin-Tin-Tin almost became the nightmare of the great stars like Charlie Chaplin and the Gish Sisters. In the year 1925 Rinty was voted as the most popular star of USA.

The saddest part of Rinty's life was that he was insanely busy all through his life and could not enjoy a retirement although he had a remarkable life. Stay Tuned, More about Rin-Tin-Tin to come!

Pictures: Rin Tin Tin, nick name -- Rinty, (often written as Rin-Tin-Tin) Sep. 10th 1918 to Aug 10th 1932.


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