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Horand Von Grafrath - The Foundation Dog of German Shepherd Dog Breed

Of all existing canine breed in the world today, German Shepherd Dog breed possesses myriad qualities, making it the finest canine specimen in the world. Starting from its intellect and physical appearance to its inherent protective instinct and courageous nature, everything makes the breed a complete canine companion. But the GSDs that we find today are very much different from those of the pasts.

If you are looking for more on how actually German Shepherd Dogs that we see today evaluated, Check out my works on History of German Shepherd Dog Vol I, Vol II, Vol III and Vol IV; and here's a bit more details on History of the breed. Read on...

On April 3rd, 1899 - the same year when Captain Stephanitz formed the Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) - world's first All-Breed German Dog show was held in Karleruube Rhineland. Captain Stephanitz, and his friend, Arthur Meyer were present in the show. They were looking for a perfect dog to create a really superb herder and fall in love with a dog, strongly built, perfectly healthy, with erect ears, an outgoing and friendly nature. The dog had medium-short coat that was weatherproof. Stephanitz purchased the dog at the spot and this turned out to be the major turning point in the History of German Shepherd Dog.

Hektor Linkshrein was the name of the dog, but later he was renamed into Horand Von Grafrath - the first dog to be registered in the new stud book of the verein. Horand became the foundation dog of the German Shepherd Dog breed. Horand was a from the Thuringian origin and his recessive white genes had been one of the most enhancing factors found in him.

Check out what Captain Stephanitz said about Horand.

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