Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Most Interesting German Shepherd Dog Facts

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Hey folks... I know I've been a bit too slow and not been posting so frequently. I'm an IT professional and usually remain busy chasing my targets and meetings deadlines, like all my other colleagues and all other peeps in the industry. I hardly get a chance to scoop time out of my busy schedule for maintaining my sites regularly.

Here's something about the Alsatian breed, that you would like to read... I am sure. This would probably be the only post in this site that would have every chance to be always in process. You can waves of interesting facts about German Shepherd Dog breed that any GSD lover would ever want to know.

Have you ever wondered....

1) Which is the world’s first German Shepherd Dog Club and when was it founded?
2) Which was the first GSD to be registered in the stud book of the first GSD Club?
3) How is a Shiloh Shepherd different from a German Shepherd?
4) What was the name of John Kennedy's beloved German Shepherd Dog?
5) what was the name of the first German Shepherd Dog to return back home from the Vietnam War?
6) What rank does this breed acquire in the list of world's 10 most intelligent dog breeds?

Get the answers to all these questions at the official website of About German Shepherd Dog - German Shepherd Dog facts

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