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STAY - Allie Larkin's First Novel

This is a press release about a novel "STAY", written by Allie Larkin, one of my dog lover friends who lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband, Jeremy. The novel features two German Shepherds, ARGO and STELLA, and a three-legged cat. You can find the pic of majestic ARGO in the cover of STAY itself. This book is a must-have collection in the library of all GSD lovers. The novel delineates the life of a young woman whose friendship with lovely black German Shepherd helps her recover from a broken heart. Using her own camera, Allie snapped a few shots of her beautiful dog, ARGO, and as soon as we saw his trusting eyes, we realized that ARGO was our star.

I wish all the very best to my friend Allie for her first novel STAY that has been published June, 2010.


Smart and with emotional depth, this is a cut above the romantic comedies that flood the market every summer.” —Kirkus Reviews

Larkin debuts with a funny and touching story about love, loss, and dog ownership.” —Publishers Weekly

STAY - a novel
By Allie Larkin

Your browser may not support display of this image. There are many ways to get over heartbreak—Ben & Jerry’s and marathon episodes of reality TV are common survival tools—but buying a hundred-pound dog over the Internet surely isn’t one of them. In her debut novel STAY (On sale: June 10, 2010), Allie Larkin proves that sometimes life needs to get more complicated before it can get better.

Savannah “Van” Leone has been in love with Peter Clarke ever since she literally fell head over heels in front of him on the first day of class. Now, six years later, instead of standing across from him at the altar, she’s standing behind her best friend Janie, as Maid of Honor, trying to mask her heartache and guilt as Janie marries the man of Van’s dreams. Before her mother passed away from cancer, she told Van never to let Peter go, but as Van watches the couple exchange vows, she knows that her fairy tale ending was never meant to be. After the wedding, Van drowns her sorrows in Kool-Aid–vodka cocktails and reruns of Rin Tin Tin and does what to many seems absurd: She buys a German Shepherd over the Internet.

Together, Van and her new companion, Joe—a clumsy, slobbering hundred-pound beast that only responds to commands in Slovak—begin to mend the pieces of her shattered heart and get her life back on track. And it doesn’t hurt that Joe’s vet is a rugged sweetheart with floppy blond hair and a winning smile, who brings soup when she’s sick and always holds the door open for her. But, when Peter gets back from his honeymoon, Van is forced to come to terms with her new and old feelings in a decision that affects all the people she’s ever loved.

Warm and witty, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, STAY is a big-hearted, unforgettable debut about friendship, love, and a German Shepherd named Joe.

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About the Author:

Allie Larkin lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband, Jeremy, their two German Shepherds, Argo (featured on the cover of STAY) and Stella, and a three-legged cat. She is the cofounder of, a site dedicated to helping readers take simple steps toward going green. STAY is her first novel.

By Allie Larkin

* $25.95 * ISBN: 978-0-525-95171-1


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