Thursday, September 16, 2010

What more you need to know about GSD

Did you know... a white German Shepherd dog named Daz has been crowned to be the world's loudest dog?
Did you know that there are tons of technical words which can be found in German Shepherd Dog dictionary?
Did you know you can learn a lot about the GSD breed from German Shepherd Dog FAQ?

Starting from German Shepherd Dog standard to anything about German Shepherds, you can get to know more about the breed. If you want to be a better owner for your dog you need to know your shepherd better. We have just stepped out of the alfa phase and entered the beta version with our GSD portal - About German Shepherd Dog.

About German Shepherd Dog is my dream child for which I have been gathering information from rare of the rarest sources. You can find any information on the breed on this website, which is run by me and my team - a group of GSD people who have been studying on the breed for years now. This makes me feel that we can make this GSD portal the largest online resource for information on German Shepherd Dog.

We have come up with an opportunity for owners, breeders, trainers and any person related to the breed to promote their profile or kennel or name through this German Shepherd Dog website. If you are willing promote yourself and your bloodline you can write on this website about the breed where you can have your own article page where you can put the link of your blog or website in your Author Bio. You articles will be featured under the section "Featured Articles". Check out our FAQ page to know more about this feature.

We are in the beta stage and we are developing gradually. GSD people are cordially invited to our website. Thank you...


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