Thursday, November 10, 2011

What will your German Shepherd get this Christmas?

What will your German Shepherd get this Christmas? Christmas dog cookies? Christmas dog costumes or any other doggy toy?

With Christmas right around the corner, people have gone gaga over the costumes, cookies and gifts - all in red, white and green. Decorations are about to strung across the Christmas trees, mistletoe and mantles.  I am sure that your dogs too will be showered with the Christmas spirit! But the holiday spirit is not going to swing to the fullest extent if Rusty doesn't get something as a Christmas gift.  So what's there waiting for him this Christmas? While you cannot resist having the cakes, gingerbread cookies and minty candy canes on Christmas, Rusty cannot resist the fun of playing with a chew toy.  If you have already planned to buy a chew toy he will be more than happy! But what's so special about it? You have bought him the chew toys many times before. Have you ever spared a thought about what may be swirling in his mind?

What about home made Christmas ham for your German Shepherd. Its the for fun; why not getting your German Shepherd involved in the Christmas fun? A few piece of hams with the fat removed out will be savored by Rusty. A piece of ham each day during the holiday time won't do any harm for sure. It is only when your German Shepherd is habitually fed ham in large amounts that his health will be jeopardized. So that's a great way you can strike your beloved German Shepherd with shrieking surprises this Christmas.

Anything more special for him?

I am sure you have planned to buy him a bed or a toy or a Christmas dog costume. That's not really enough. You can give him something more precious than these. Yes... your time. Spend more time with him. Its the holiday season and you will be away from your work. Take him  on a long stroll, play fetch with him unleashed in a fenced area. Let him  jump around; Let him chase the ball; Let him run unleashed. There's no better way than this that you can make this Christmas really special for Rusty. He misses you year long. He hates your work and your office. He wants to be with you and play around. Make this Christmas a memorable episode in Rusty's life. Give him your special touch, and he will be more than happy.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let your German Shepherd Unwrap His Christmas Gift

Let your German Shepherd Unwrap His Christmas Gift! See how he reacts...

So, with Christmas approaching fast, aren't you wondering how to strike your beloved German Shepherd Dog with delightful Christmas surprise? If you are thinking Rover is not going to understand the real value for Christmas gift, you may not be wrong, but why not sprinkle the red, white and green grains of Christmas fun onto his life too?  Make him feel that its a special day that's different from the other days of the year. Its the day for love, fun and cookies!

The best Christmas gift that you can give your beloved German Shepherd Dog is the Christmas cookies for dogs! Another thing that I really liked this year is the Jingle Bell Collar for Dogs. For dog lover like you and me its been always a pleasure to see our dogs springing with fun. Taking him on a special walk can be a great fun for both of you. You can make this Christmas stroll more special. Yes... get a Santa Claus Dog Costumes for your German Shepherd, and he is surely going to look more handsome in that red and white Christmas dog costume.   


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