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How to Care for German Shepherd Puppies - An Overview

If you are considering adding a GSD puppy to your family, then with get yourself groomed up with proper planning and information on German Shepherd puppy care tips. This is just an outline of how to care for your German Shepherd puppy. Bringing a new baby to your home will open the door to years of love, fun and laughter.

After bringing home your puppy taking care of your puppy is going to be your prime responsibility, that starts on the day you bring home your German Shepherd puppy. Here are what you should consider in the process of bringing up your GSD puppy.

Firstly, you should provide an suitable environment remembering the factors like comfort, safety and amusement. Your puppy need a comfortable bed to sleep on, but more important is that you give him with time, to let him understand his pack members - you and your family. Its your responsibility to make him feel at home and in a safe hand. He should be able to trust you. Trust can be broken in a second. It takes a lot to build trustworthiness. Building a strong bondage with your puppy is a must.Here are some valuable tips to intensify the bond between you and your dog/puppy.

By nature they are very inquisitive and may get into things that are lying around him so, remove the harmful things away and include lots of toys & things that can amused your puppy as they need attention.

Food play a most important role in first few months just because it is the time for the development of bones and muscles. Quality speaks over quantity! Weaning him to correct type, quality and quantity of regular food is very important before you bring your German Shepherd puppy home. So, make sure you check with the breeder if he is giving him correct food.

Between 2 to 3 months food should be available to them about 4 times a day - morning, lunch, dinner and about 9 pm in the evening before they settle down for the night. The same for water in small quantities to control when they have to go.

At 3 months, your GSD puppy should be provided a changed diet. Remember , sudden drastic change in his diet can create a big problem. It will be wise to make a very gradual change in his diet style. Gradually reduce food supply to 3 times a day, taking away the night feeding, but still giving the same quantity of food as recommended by supplier.

At 3, 1/2 months starts adult food so that when they 4 months old they should be fully on adult dog food at the recommended rate three times a day, and at the same time gradually increase amount of water left out for them.

At 5 to 6 months you will start to take away the lunch feeding so that by 6 months they will be on 2 feedings a day, morning and night.

Taking care on puppies health your puppy will have had its first vaccination when you receive him or her and will need its booster & rabies. Always check their eyes, ears for hair and wax build up, play with their feet and in between toes on a daily basis so that when they grew up they are familiar with it.

Grooming and bathing is needed while you are taking care of your puppy. Your puppy should be completely bathed once a month with a baby shampoo until about 6 months of age. After 6 months your puppy needs only to be bathed completely every couple of months. To groomed up your puppy dog it should be placed on elevated surface. Take your pin brush and start at the middle of its back brushing the hair backwards or against the way it's growing.

To keep your German Shepherd puppy healthy, happy and well trained you need to begin exercise that can help him or her to familiar with it. Over-exercise is as harmful as over feeding!

Socialization makes your GSD puppy more groomed and they need to have at the beginning, an area in your home that they will regard as their own territory with a blanket or towel they can call their own along with some toys if you want to. At this stage thy should be taken after they have had a drink and about half an hour of eating.

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