Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Continuation of German Shepherd Breed Standards

Some of the German Shepherd Dog breeders, I have noticed, stress on making money by breeding and selling puppies. Most of these breeders have not read the breed standards thoroughly, while others are negligent about understanding the main purpose of breeding German Shepherds. The motive of this discussion is to remind the so called German Shepherd breeders of their responsibilities towards development of the breed. However, some breeders are really doing great by breeding good stock.

It is important to understand that German Shepherd breed standard is a set of regulation that chiefly applies to the show dogs. The main criteria of breeding is not to enhance the look, but to retain the working ability of the breed. Most renowned and reputable breeders still spare less thoughts over the look of the dog. They still believe that "UTILITY IS THE TRUE CRITERION OF BEAUTY". Although the working heritage of this breed has diluted to the great extent, still there's no point in breeding bulkier, over-sized, heavy boned dogs that could be considered as a showcase dog, rather than actual GSD. So called breeders should meet at least the most important requirement for instance sound temperament, correct anatomy, proper size, etc. However, coloration is not that important in a working dog. Most show people have been motivated by a few non-educated breeders to run after rich markings. It is immensely important to remember that "NO GOOD DOG IS A BAD COLOR". Your dog with improper anatomy and size is not going to win an award just for his rich color and markings.

As a continuation of the GSD breed standards, I would rather say that GSD people should not consider taking the breed standard as just a breed guideline. Didi you know that the breed standard has been recently amended in terms of hair types? Please read about it here


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