Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My German Shepherd Puppy Takes Her Meat Pieces And Hide Them For Future Use

Sometimes this indicates that you are not good at diet management for your dog. This gives an indication that your German Shepherd is being over fed. He/She is trying hide the extra amount of food for the future use. It is hence important for you to understand the right quantity of food for your dog. Some dogs eat up everything even though they are given extra, while a few refuses to eat, and some of them are smart enough to hide their favorite part of the extra food so that then can have them later.

However, there may be other reasons to this behavior as well. Some dogs tend to eat at their own choice of time. Many dogs have been noticed to hide their food to be eaten whenever they would prefer, and not on the schedule you want to set for their meal.

Diet management for your dog doesn’t just involve planning the food components, but also includes planning the feeding time and food quantity. Failing to set time/ schedule for feeding your dog and managing quantity will eventually create lot of mess, and end up with health issues.

Managing the food quantity

Over feeding your German Shepherds, as for any other breed, may turn out to be quiet detrimental. Most overfed dogs tend to develop irreversible anatomic problem. Digestive and hepatic problem are also quite common in dogs that are overfed. Quantity management for your dog’s diet should be based on the science of giving your dog correct amount of food that provides right kind of nutrition. Whether you give your GSD raw whole foods or you want to keep him on homemade diet, it is important that your dog should finish it within 15 – 20 minutes of serving it. Take off the amount left and do not force your dog to eat or allow him to take her favorite meat piece to hide it for future use.

However, gulpers will finish off even the extra food within a few minutes of serving it. It is important to understand how much should your dog be fed at her age.

Manipulating your dog’s hunger

Set your dog’s biological clock according to your will without jeopardizing her health. The moment you bring your German Shepherd puppy home, it is important that you set the meal times, play times, and repose times. These are all part of basic training. It is easy to teach your dog when to expect her meal. Fixing a specific time for her diet will help teach your dog not to hide part of his food to be eaten on his own schedule. She should know her time for meal. All you need to do is to be consistent about your dog’s feeding time. If you offer food to your puppy at a fixed time, her biological clock will be set on that particular time for the meal. This is how you can manipulate your dog’s hunger – you already knew this.

Managing the food ingredients finally

Most owners prefer chicken heavy diet because they think breeds like GSD, Rotties, Mastiffs dobs etc. require very high protein. BIG NO. Meat heavy diets cannot be considered as balanced diet. Give your dogs some green as well, like spinach, carrots, pumpkin, bottle gourd, parsley, green papaya, ladyfingers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. and also fruits apple, banana, ripen papaya, cantaloupe (in small quantity), mango (in small quantity). It is a misconception that dogs are carnivorous animals. They are rather omnivorous, like us humans. A more related read could be found here: German Shepherd Food

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