Monday, August 17, 2015

How I treated Symptoms of Pyometra Without Surgery

This post is linked to the other post : How I Brought Rechie Back To Main Stream of Life After The Severe Psychological Trauma. "How I Brought Rechie Back To Main Stream of Life After The Severe Psychological Trauma" was an article written to help readers looking for a way to bring out their dogs from sever trauma followed by the sudden loss of a pack member. The impact of the trauma was so sever that it resulted a hormonal abnormality, which was a cause of uterine discharge (white, thick and smelly like puss), accompanied with increase in water intake and licking her vulva more frequently and lick time stayed more than normal. I called up one of the reputed vets here, although already some of them (including him) had failed to take her out of the severe mental trauma that she was suffering from. According to him it was an advanced stage of pyometra and surgery was the only way out to save her life... and for that I would be charged some X amount of money, he added. He already knew about her fragile health and I was pretty much sure that Rechie wasn't in a state to survive the ovariohysterectomy.

With no help from my vets I hadn't had any option but to take things in my own hands again this time. Her treatment for GI dysfunction and trauma was already on and I could not get any professional assistance of a vet. You can read here how I managed to bring Rechie out of the mental trauma due to the loss of her most beloved pack member.

This time with the symptoms of Pyometra I had to bank upon homeopathy again - Pulsatilla

How I moved ahead to treat Pulsatilla

I initiated with 10 drops of Pulsetilla 30 twice daily before meals. I could not find any improvement in the first day, although it was expected. The second day was all the same. Fortunately in the third day I noticed some fruitful improvement, with intensity of the discharge was much gone. I continued with the same dosage for a week more. Surprisingly the discharge was effectively stopped. Licking was stopped and intensity of thirst was decreased. I continued Pulsatilla 30 for for another couple of weeks decreasing the frequency to once per day.

After a month I switched off to Pulsatilla 200, being administered once a week and continued this for next one month, followed by administering it once in a fortnight. I continued giving Pulsatilla 200 once in every 15 days for almost a month and the stopped as the problem was no more noticed. I am not planning to repeat again until the symptoms recur.

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