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Tips For Grooming German Shepherd Dogs - Coat

People easily fall in love with German Shepherds without knowing or considering the some of the negetive things about the breed that might turn out to be the owner's nightmare in future. Grooming is something that should be taken into consideration very seriously. And for breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Collies etc. the habbit of not grooming the dog properly can be your major reason worries in future. Well, candidly speaking I'm a bit biased about German Shepherds and find nothing negetive in the breed. It's the owner's irresponsible nature that brings him worries... not the dog. My friends.. take it quite seriously; pick your grooming kit right this moment and be at it! Grooming German Shepherds can be fun, if you love him. And it's not all that a big deal.

German Shepherds... rather call him German Shedders! Yes, this is amongst those breed that shed a lot... and shed all though the year. Why grooming is more essential for a GSD as compared to most of the other breeds? Well, German Sheherd Dogs is a double coated breed, like most of the other dog breeds we know. His coat consists of a wooly type “Under Coat” and longer, straight type, all-season “Guard Coat”. The Guard Coat is the one that guards the “Under Coat”. The Guard Coat in GSDs shed through out the year (normal shedding), while the Under Coat only twice a year (seasonal molting – shedding of dead follicles during winter or summer). If not brushed regularly, your most loved GSD may run a risk of developing mat, which are usually not apperant until they creat clumps of fur, causing dermal infections like rashes, bald spots, hot spots and become stinky. I would suggest to brush your GSD daily at the end of the day, or at least once every alternative day. Let his skin breath properly.

Here's few tips for grooming German Shepherds that I have learned from some of my fellow German Shepherd Dog breeders and have been practicing myself since years:

  • German Shepherds shed a lot... so gentle brushing is required almost everyday – I repeat. At least one every alternative day is essential. This checks heavy shedding.
  • I prefer brushing my dogs at night. Why? A technically designed metal brushing comb (should be pure stainless steel) that has round heads (not sharp) should be used for brushing. Proper brushing with such a comb ensures proper blood circulation though out the body, which makes them feel more comfortable and ensures proper digestion and good sleep.
  • Don't make haste. All you need to invest is only 15 minutes a day for one dog under normal condition. Believe me... 15 minutes is enough for grooming a shepherd's coat properly.
  • Grooming his coat may become tough, if not well trained. Obedience training is necessary. Start grooming your dog as early as you can. This teaches your German Shepherd to stand quietly while grooming at the very early age.
  • Shedding blade proves to be one of the most helpful grooming tool during the shadding season. But you should know how to use it. Shadding blade should be used in a gentle manner and with enough care.
  • Groom your dog, starting from his head. Brush the entire coat from the head to the tail tip with a slicker brush first. Then use a rubber grooming gloves to rub through his coat through out his entire body. Then comb through the coat with the special metal comb. This will remove all the dead hair.
  • Pay extra attention while combing the throat, neck and loin region, because coat is dense in these area and requires extra time combing.
  • GSDs have bushy tails. You may need to invest some extra couple of minutes to comb the tail properly.
  • Once you are done. Try out combing through the coat with the metal comb once or twice more.

Rub the coat with the rubber grooming gloves in the direction of the coat once more at the end of the process. You can get an extra shine in his coat. Check out these precious clips brought to you by YouTube to get to know a bit about the Grooming technique and training.

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Teach Your Dog to be Obedient First

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